Is Nexo Safe or Scam?

Nexo has not returned 1000’s of its customers coins after many months without any reason and hasn’t helped them since. Nexo doesn’t provide the following information on its website and to the customers why I asked for it.

  • Nexo company registration number? Did you know Nexo Capital Inc. is only registered on Grand Cayman Island
  • Nexo mailing address? Two Artillery, 161 Shedden Road, 2nd Floor, George Town, PO Box 799, Grand Cayman KY KY1-1103
  • Nexo office address? Don’t have.
  • Nexo telephone numbers? Don’t have.

What would you do if something happens and Nexo won’t return your funds? This is exactly what has happened to me and 1000’s of others…

Is Nexo legit?

On Apr 7, 2021, I did 2 EOS transitions to transfer my funds out of Nexo to my private wallet. Nexo provided me with 2 invalid TxID’s on EOS blockchain.

I contacted Nexo support and they said it happens some time on EOS and I should wait. They said they are waiting for BitGo to solve this issue!!! Asked them for how long it will take? They did not answer. I waited and waited…

I have been Apr 7, 2021 and sent them many emails, but they always say the same answer and keep asking me to wait… EOS is very fast and transactions are near instant…

Below are the invalid TxID’s Nexo provided:

Timestamp Apr 7, 2021


Is Nexo safe to use? Do you trust Nexo to lend your crypto or deposit your coins there?

Is Nexo Safe ? or Scam?
Is Nexo Safe or Scam? Antoni trenchev did not reply to my emails to help solving the issue.

Antoni trenchev Nexo Co-Founder, already emailed him and messaged via LinkedIn but no reply. Apparently he won’t care about Nexo customers busy somewhere else.

Stay away from Nexo Capital Inc. disgusting organization unless you wanna wait for months for your own coins which they confiscate under the name of technical matters and make you wait for months and counting, sending you and everyone else the same exact template mails telling to wait more, etc.

Nexo Scam blocked me
Nexo Finance blocked me for asking to solve my ticket.

Nexo blocked my twitter account for asking help with ticket #377034 after waiting over 4 weeks… This is the way Nexo solve customer tickets.

Below is the list of Nexo employees on Linkedin I have already contacted all Nexo Founders and politely asked for help, none of them helped. They are together and won’t care about Nexo customers.

Will Nexo founders or Scamers?
Not sure if these profiles are even real? Do you think these people really work on Nexo or just photos?

Is Nexo Safe?

Below you can read some of Nexo reviews on trustpilot online, pay attention how Nexo support reply with the same answer but won’t address customers problems and questions…

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Nexo reviews on Google app store

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Nexo reviews on Google app store – Page 1 of 100
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Nexo reviews on Google app store – Page 2 of 100


Will you trust to lend your crypto to Nexo has no physical address to visit, no postal address in EU or US, no registration number, no phone number to call the customer support?

I have been waiting since Apr 7, 2021 to receive my funds from Nexo and they have not returned any of it till now… Please share online with others to make awareness and put and end to Nexo Scam website.

I created this website because Nexo has stolen my crypto funds and not returned my EOS coins upon my many requests yet. If they return my funds, I’m willing to delete and forgive them, I have nothing against them but I will never trust Nexo again and won’t recommend it to anyone.

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